Dance Workshops

"David Millstone is fantastic! He is not just another good caller but one who enlightens as he teaches. Unusual material, well-taught, culture and history added."
"Everyone was so very pleased with the workshop. It was a memorable experience that now we can all look back on as we encounter and share the joy of chestnuts in the future!"
"Both the afternoon workshop and evening dance were fantastic. You really are a true master."

Fee support for David Millstone may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit for more information.




"As always, I immensely enjoyed your blend of good dances, humor, history, and gentle teaching."
"I enjoyed English dancing more than I have ever experienced it elsewhere. I loved the challenges!
"David's program was the best: never-before-done high level dances taught well. My favorite English sessions ever."

"Your teaching style is so relaxed and I am astonished that some of the less experienced dancers were able to do the more complex dances under your guidance."

"Thanks for the opportunity during [the week] to do such a great mixture of familiar, new, interesting, challenging, lively, and lovely dances."



"David Millstone is a treasure. Just love being around David and soaking up what he has to offer. I especially like his talk about square dance history."

David Millstone, Dance Caller

Lebanon, NH


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