Family dances


(Drawing byCatherine McNally, 1st grade)

“I was so moved by your way of working with the kids.
We sat down and watched quite a bit of the footage yesterday.
Joy joy joy is evident in all the scenes.”

Put a large number of children and adults together, add lively music and some concise instruction, and you have the makings for a great party! David has called for family dances in numerous Upper Valley towns, including Lebanon (an annual event since 1983), Hanover, Norwich, Lyme, Orford, Thetford, Wilder, Quechee, and Grantham. He has been a a dance instructor in residence at area schools, a caller for weekly dances at Camp Ohana in Post Mills, at the Aloha Family Camp in Fairlee, at boys’ and girls’ camps in the area, and a staff caller at weeklong family dance camps such as Ogontz (NH), Pinewoods (MA), and Timber Ridge (WV). He participates frequently in Pourparler conferences, gatherings where dance instructors from around the country share repertoire and tips about how to make such events more successful for all ages.